The World is a big Computer

Saw and interesting article a MIT professor about how the world is really just a big quantum computer. It’s a different take on the creation of the universe, the definition of reality and life after death. I’m kind of torn on how to take this. I mean, I have faith, and I believe that there is something bigger then all of us. I just never thought it might be a computer (and we’re all done if it runs Windows). The author does concede at the end to the existence of heaven, so perhaps it’s not that he believes God doesn’t exist – rather that the story we’re told by organized religion might be a little off. If you’ve ever read the book God’s Debris then some of this rings true. I’m willing to concede that being human, we may not be able to understand and/or fathom all that’s going on. And maybe we make generalizations to allow us to wrap our minds around it.

Pretty deep in all. I highly recommend God’s Debris and especially since he’s giving it out free in PDF form. It’s a relatively quick read too.

I like his last point. That somehow the ones we care about have affected this world and continue to be a part of it, even after they’re gone. It’s been shown, I believe, that matter can’t be destroyed – only reorganized. I’m not nearly intelligent enough to draw many conclusions from either work, but the more exposure they get the better.

To become less serious for a moment, speaking of computers Intel is slashing prices. Supposedly to match AMD’s recent advancements and to try their loss of market share. Not really related to the earlier topic, but I wanted to pass it along as well.