Questioning Sony

I saw an article talking about how the PSP lost to the (supposedly) inferior DS.  It predicts the same for the Wii and the PS3.  It reminded me of an article I recently read in Game Informer talking about the fact that the PS3 could be a potential disaster.  The main reason is that system is designed to take advantage of HDTV’s.  The problem?  Not many households have them.  And though it’ll be a format that will be accepted soon, that could be several years down the road.  Leaving the PS3 with a smaller advantage over it’s competitors – and a much larger price tag.

I think Nintendo stands a good chance to move up in the big 3 of video games – to at least 2 and possible back on top.  They are inexpensive, they have a much different gaming experience to offer and they’re offering a back library of games that many of us grew up with – NES, SNES, Genesis, etc.  Not to mention the games they’ll be releasing for the systems – from what I’ve seen of Red Steel I’m excited about the possibility of FPS on the system.  Enough so that I’m actually considering buying it shortly after release.

An old axiom in programming is “simplicity favors regularity” and Nintendo seems to have caught onto this.  Sony meanwhile seems to have lost some perspective.  And again, they’re pushing proprietary hardware onto us – something that hasn’t worked for them in the past and after the fact that their anti-piracy efforts recently have angered many people for various reasons.

I think the biggest problem they face is the announcement that GTA – their trump card the last few years – will be released on Xbox 360 at the same time.  Now, I hate Microsoft.  And I swore I would never buy an Xbox.  But after playing it over my cousin’s house I decided to break down and buy a used one.  And, against my better wishes, it’s my favorite of the current generation of systems.  It’s by far the superior console – so much so that any new games I buy, I but for Xbox if they have it – and I don’t even have Xbox live.  And their controller is more comfortable and better for more games then the PS2’s.

I’ve heard rumors that in order to get market share and try and make the most of their head start, Microsoft will be dropping the price on the Xbox 360 when the PS3 and Wii come out this holiday season.  I’ve even heard as low as $300 possibly.  That means for those of us that have held off buying them, we could potentially pick up the Xbox 360($300) and the Wii($250) for less then the PS3($600 for the real model).

2 next generation systems for the price of one.  Pretty sweet deal.  Let’s hope it happens.