I am available for new work.  My package will include setting up wordpress as a content management system.  This will allow you to edit and add new pages and/or blogs even after I am finished.  I will install several vital plugins – google analytics to give you free stat tracking, google sitemap to help your site index, a form generator, akismet comment spam protection, meta-tag editor to improve SEO, and share this to enable your content to be indexed by social networking sites.  I will edit wordpress to further improve SEO by displaying the content first, as well as design and implement an original design including graphics and CSS.  You will have a beautiful, original site with high, natural SEO code as well as full stats.

The investment will vary depending on how much input you are willing to provide.  You will need to secure a domain name and hosting (I recommend and use GoDaddy) which will require an investment of about $65/year ($10-15 per domain name and about $50/year for hosting).  My rates vary depending on how much content you are providing (the more I have to create, the higher the investment), how much visual input you are providing (branding images like logos, photos, and rough ideas/sketches of how you want the site to look – or examples of sites you like the design of), and how large and complex the site is.  Without that information any rates given would be mere speculation.

You can view my portfolio on the right. I will be adding templates somewhat regularly (which are all open source and free to use/modify though I would appreciate a link back to me somewhere on your site) and will give you a template to be used to either skin your site or wordpress blog (I have not bothered to try and make a theme yet, though I may offer this one in the future with different graphics/colors) for a linkback. If you use my templates/designs, link back to me and let me know and I will do the same for you here and in my social networking sites (I have to advertise my work being used after all).

I don’t accept donations. Most of my work is inspired by the great designers out there and credit rightfully goes to them – Meyer, Molly, Santa Maria and Nicholls. It’s never good to re-invent the wheel, but sometimes you can improve it – or at least add some new rims.

More templates coming shortly now that my site is up. I have a few higher quality ideas than the simple ones listed now.

A Zebulon, NC based web designer / developer with typical nerd / geek roots