Champion Taxi

Champion Taxi (Site no longer active)

One of the first sites I did. Champion’s owners wanted a complete from the ground up design. Starting with only the original logo and red, white and blue patriotic color scheme I redesigned the logo (which is now used on their cars and materials) and went through several iterations of design before they settled upon a variant of my own 2.0 web site design (now released as a free theme) with their color scheme and original, patriotic buttons and images I produced.

The owners wanted a very simple, basic, and easily updated site. I delivered a site with high readability, strong SEO architecture, bright colors, and simple blend of web 2.0 design elements for flair. Although a rather simplistic design by first glance this is exactly what the owners wanted – something that was a simple, easily maintainable brochure site to augment their other branding and advertising messages.

Things I learned: If I had it to do over again, I’d make the design a little less plain. I’d also convert it into a theme and put the content into a WordPress install to allow the client to easily update the content whenever necessary. At the time of creation, it was just not an option.

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