A collection of random tidbits

I usually try to include one or two tidbits at the end of my postings that I’ve found during my travels.  Today I found enough for practically a month of posting so I figured I’d burn some.  Hopefully, it won’t come back to bite me later.

vi search – So what’s so good about a plain, text based, command line operated search engine?  Well, nostalgia aside, it does have some nice features like being able to move quickly through the listings using the keyboard, the ability to add comments to listings and finally to delete listings from your search and save the results.  Overall, very useful it seems.

Lisa2.com – A website served up by a computer almost as old as me.  If that wasn’t cool enough it seems – according to the author at least, I was 3 when these came out and had never heard of them until seeing the site – this system was pretty forwards compatible allowing you to upgrade and maintain, relatively, with the times.  Makes you wonder what those 5 year old towers in your basement are capable of huh?

3spots –  A site dedicated to Digg tools.  Digg, besides being the very essence of Web 2.0, is a very useful site to not only share cool sites you stumble across but also to market your own neat tidbits.  It’s a fine art to not appear slanted and I hope to get the hang of it enough someday to not only offer sites I find but also to get some exposure for my web ventures.

Online Alarm Clock – Not even sure how useful this is, especially if you lose connection frequently, but I thought it was a cool idea.  Maybe if you’re on the road with one of those hotels that have free WiFi?

Party Animal? Don’t blame your genes – An interesting article about genes and how they affect who you’re going to become.  One of the more interesting facts is that they account for 51% of your height and body shape but only account for 19% of your personality traits.  It also says that siblings average 50% similarity while cousins only about 12.5%.  Not sold on that one, although I could be the one pulling down the curve.

Random Tidbit: None, didn’t you read the title of the post?  Come on now.