Stylish – the best Mozilla Extension

So I know I’ve been harping on Opera a lot lately, but I figured I would devote some time to what has recently and quickly become my favorite Mozilla extension – Stylish. Now I make regular use of – and highly recommend – both the web developer’s toolbar and the IE tab extensions. If you don’t already have those and you do any sort of web designing at all – get them. The IE tab lets you open an Explorer tab in Mozilla for testing – so less windows open in your system – and the web developer’s toolbar has all kinds of neat tools, only some of which I’ve mastered, including outlining elements, giving image information and a built in ruler.

Going back to Stylish though, it is an extension that allows you to create page specific style sheets for sites you visit a lot. Why would you want to do something like that? Well, for one, you can find styles that remove the ads from Digg – allowing you to browse ad free. Another allows you to modify – which, though one of my favorite sites, is kind of plain. I have posted my stylesheet – feel free to steal, modify, claim credit, etc.  You will have to open it and save it as a .css to use it in Stylish since WordPress does not allow uploading of that file type.  Mine is just a modified version I found on a site dedicated to user styles. There are some nice MySpace and Slashdot ones I have yet to try. I’d like to find/make a decent one for

Random Tidbit: Going back to Opera for a moment I found a Wiki that talks about a built in feature similar to Stylish. I have tried and failed to make it work but I think that’s more user error then anything. The page also mentions userstyles and another page where you can get page styles – just remember to remove the Mozilla encoding from the posts on userstyles.