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Shameless Plug: Blog de Purée

Figured I would give my good friend Paul at work a little link juice – although based upon comparing his Technorati rating to mine it might actually hurt him (he’s way more popular, but I’m still single and can take advantage of all the blog groupies so it’s a trade off).

Anyways, his site is called Blog de Purée and, like mine, topic hops a bit. He does have a lot of unique insight into the tech and web 2.0 world. Not only because he works with me and can harness my vast volume of knowledge (laugh track goes here) but because he has worked for several other web companies.

Some good deep reads:

  1. Online rating systems can be manipulated by crowd-hacking
  2. Can an online brand support gated or average content?
  3. Helium member writes about being a member and earning money on the website
  4. WordPress as a content management system for niche communities
  5. Social networking is no fish story on Angler’s Web site

Paul is a funny guy who I enjoy working with immensely both for his good attitude and irreverent sense of humor – which comes across in some of his writing. Definitely check out his blog.

Random Tidbit: So posting a link to my friend’s site isn’t random enough? Ok, how about a wiki composed of video game wikis? Pretty cool stuff.

Better Man Than Me

My good friend from work Jason just recently donated his kidney to a friend of his.  Didn’t ask for anything, just heard his friend needed one, got tested and gave it up.  The more I get to know him the more I like Jason.  He really is a good guy.  I’m probably going to try and jet down to see him and play (lose) a few games of magic with him.  Until then, check out his sites.  If even half of my visitors go there, well, his traffic will be bumped up one visitor.  Maybe I should ask him for a link instead…

Anyways, the sites are:

Get well soon Jason.