Great Decks

Stumbled onto a great article called “10 Decks in 10 Weeks.”  It’s from the writer that does the building on a budget series.  Some really good deck ideas that can be done – online or off – relatively cheap.  Some very powerful decks and new ways to use cards that I’ve kept around but haven’t been able to work decks around.  Really good reading.  He goes through all the basic 2 color combinations and designs a wide variety of decks.

If nothing else it’s good to see another very experienced Magic player’s design strategy and sort of get into their mind as they build, test and modify a deck.  I had thought that I was getting pretty good at deck building but the card drawing and mana acceleration ideas really opened my eyes.  I might have to make another pass through my decks again.

Random Tidbit: I’ve been looking into and trying to better understand the purpose and power of microformats.  One thing I’ve found is that it’s good to be posh.