Future Site Pre-Release Tournament

If you’re a Magic fan and have never been to one of these – you definitely should go.  It was challenging and I built the wrong type of deck, but still managed to pull off a 3-1 record and win 4 extra packs of Future Sight.  Some of the new cards are very cool.  It was also very interesting to see the strategies people play in sealed.  Creature based and beatdown decks are the way to go for sure.  2 colors and 40 card max deck as well.  I went red/white and looking at the one deck that beat me and the ones that gave me trouble, if I had to do it over again I’d probably go green/blue based on the cards I got – I almost did at the last minute.

It’s interesting to see cards that I wouldn’t normally see in my playgroup come out and clean up.  3/3 creatures and saproling tokens seemed to rule the boards.  I suppose it makes sense – with the limited number of rares available to each player you’re less likely to get game stopping, big nasties.  The guy that beat me had a nasty green guy and combo that just pumped everyone and gave them trample.  The best I had was a Tarox Bladewing – which did strike fear in a lot of people surprisingly.

This is definitely something I will do next release and I’m considering using some of my extra commons – and maybe even uncommons and rares – to build sealed kits and try this format with my friends.  Pretty cool.