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So I’ve had a couple of months to digest this one. I didn’t want to post anything until I could step back and look at the issue without confusing my thoughts. The Patriots are my home team and as such there is always a resentment when they lose. As any loyal fan I pass blame – the referees didn’t call the game fairly, we had a freak injury, the other team got away with something they shouldn’t have, etc.

In the end though, the more I think about it the more I come to the same conclusion. The Giants simply outplayed us. They wanted it more. This very thought frightens me.

The Patriots always won because they wanted it more than the other guy. They might have less talent, less speed, lack of star players – it didn’t matter. Somehow they’d pull it through at the end. My fear is that after 3 Super Bowls, after years of success, and after being labeled as the new dynasty by everyone else that they started believing their hype.

We’re used to seeing Brady with the ball, under 2 minutes on the clock, and seeing fear in the other teams eyes. They know he’s going to drive down the field. They know he’s going to pull the come back. They know that their worst nightmare is about to be realized.

The last 2 years we’ve gotten used to a different sight. Brady with the ball, under 2 minutes on the clock, and the other team stopping us.

Maybe it’s just other teams catching up. Maybe it’s parity catching up. I really hope it’s not us losing the core of our team. That hard work, blue collar, underdog philosophy that made us all proud to be Patriots fans. I’m thankful for what the Patriots have given us and for players like Bruschi. I realize we can’t win every year. But to get so close to the perfect season, to the greatest season in football history, to Mercury Morris finally shutting the hell up… and to fall short. I just don’t know.

Sadly, I find myself for the first time in a long time not wanting to watch football. Not caring about the draft. Not caring that we let possibly one of the best cornerbacks in the league go to sign an aging and (playoff) under performing wide receiver. Not looking forward to next season.

I miss that anticipation and love for the sport. I want it back. I fear it’s death on a Sunday in early February when the undefeated became perhaps the greatest disappointment in football history.

I wish I knew where we went wrong.

Random Tidbit:  Being a self-proclaimed – ok maybe publicly proclaimed – geek I found this blog post on why geeks make good lovers to be self-satisfying.  Is it true?  Find out.  Date a geek.

Viral Marketing and Link Baiting

Found an interesting article about viral marketing and link baiting, which is a term I had not heard before.  Viral marketing is something that I have been thinking a lot about lately as I try to not only provide content, but also to get people to actually see the content I have provided.  Nothing worse then a good idea that no one knows about.

Basically, the two ideas are ways in which to use the new web – mainly web 2.0, community content driven sites – in order to introduce your site to the masses for free.  Essentially, word of mouth advertising meets the web.  The benefit is that it, hopefully, has a snowball effect.  As people find out about your content and find value in it, they link to it from their sites, blogs, myspace’s, etc.  This grows your linked-to rating, which helps in SEO, especially for Google.

The article also has a beginner’s guide to SEO.  If you don’t know what SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is – it’s basically a way to get your side indexed, preferably indexed high, under the searches that your content matches.  So when someone is looking for widget toolboxes and you have the site 1001widgettoolboxes.com then they can find your site easily.  This is especially important for smaller businesses since they do not have the funds to use conventional advertising – tv, radio, newspapers – or to become a sponsored link for those searches – paying per click.  It again goes back to word of mouth advertising on the web – and ask any salesmen, word of mouth advertising is the strongest kind.

So besides using CSS and good XHTML to design your site, you should also keep in mind what you need to add – keywords, metatags, etc – in order to give yourself the best chance of getting your content in front of your audience.  And using sites like technorati, digg, slashdot, etc to create buzz is even better.

Random Tidbit: I can’t believe Boston is 7 games back of the Yankees.  The Yankees have no pitching and usually when I can’t watch them, which I haven’t been able to lately, the Red Sox do well.  At least the Pats are 2-1.  Although having a good preseason is rarely a good thing.  I don’t have any solid stats, but I remember hearing something along the lines of more 0-4 preseason teams have gone on to the Super Bowl then 4-0.  Not sure what finishing 3-1 or 2-2 does for you.  Time will tell.

Designer’s Block

So I mentioned the other day that I’m trying to design a horizontal main style sheet for my site.  I got the idea from the CSS Zen Garden and specifically the pret-a-porter design.  I’ve seen several other ones like that but that one is the most interesting.  It’s not the type of design you usually see online, it’s more of a print based design – and in fact that’s where he got the idea for his from.  But widescreen monitors have taken off on laptops (which is what I usually program on, especially since my desktop problems) so I thought it was viable.  Plus, since you’re using absolute positioning it’s challenging and different them my other designs.

The problem is that I also wanted to use some drop shadowed graphics to try and create depth – a good example being Zunflower.  I think the combination of the two elements would be a striking addition to my portfolio.

The problem?  My seeming inability to get Photoshop to do what I want it to do.  Everytime I tried to create the graphics the other day it was fine until I tried to save for the web and use it on my template.  Then everything broke down – specifically the drop shadow went ‘wonky’ (a highly technical term, look it up).  After several tries I finally gave up.  In talking with a graphic designer friend he suggested I try adding the background to the graphic, but I’m still not sure how that would help.

So now, stuck on this, I’ve spent the last few days ineffectively trying to get back to the design.  I have managed to do a few other odds and ends around the site, but most of those haven’t made it off my local platform and onto the web.  I’ve hit a virtual wall.

I’m hoping the freedom of the weekend will help and get some creative juices flowing, motivating me to get some work done.  I would like to get that finalize so I can get some templates cranked out.  I would like to offer them on some open source sites soon – I’d love to see others use my work.  But only time will tell.

Random Tidbit: It was awesome seeing Big Papi crank a ‘homah’ on the Indians to win it the other night.  I knew the minute he came up the game was over.  In Beantown we spell clutch B-i-g-P-a-p-i.  Hopefully this season will finally convince people that regardless of him not playing the field he should be the MVP (as he should have been last year).  Winning games – with your glove or bat – is winning games.  Period.  It was also good to see Tom Brady stand up for his teammate Deion Branch.  I have faith in Belichick, but come on, he’s a top 5 receiver and he’s making something like $1.5M this year.  We ask so much of them, we gotta give a little back.