Keeping Accessibility In Mind

I saw this article awhile back and meant to blog about it, but haven’t had the time.  In working on my site redesign though it struck my eye as I was perusing my links and felt the urge to share it.

Recently, Target was sued in a class action suit because their site was inaccessible to the vision impaired.  It has been a law for awhile now that web sites, like other facilities open to the public, must be accessible to all.  When doing a redesign you must keep in mind not only the various browsers and screen resolutions it’s users might have – but also other mitigating factors that might cause them to be unable to use your work as intended.

I am not well versed on the subject, but I would check out Molly’s blog – she has done a lot for the web standards and accessibility community.

Random Tidbit: In further perusing my links I found another link from Juicy Studio talking about Validity and Accessibility – well worth a look and a bookmark on